Lindsay Keeley

Time: 09:40AM – 10:10AM

Topic: Evidence Based Practice

Brief presentation description:

“should the evidence-based process for making clinical decisions be based upon research or a combination of evidence, clinical knowledge and patient experiences?”

This session will look at the Association for Perioperative Practice’s (AfPP) nationally recognised Standards and Recommendations in relation to how they are used as an evidence in clinical practice to enhance the quality of patient care.

I will explain what evidence-based practice is and explore how we use it in clinical practice to promote safe, efficient and effective quality care. Additionally we will look at how evidence-based practice is perceived and the affects it has on decision making in the perioperative arena.

As practitioners we are all aware of the key challenges we face in healthcare, but what’s important is how we deliver the national guidelines and standards to promote best practice.



‘I strongly believe in the values and vision of AfPP in putting members and the public first. They have paved the way for all of us to work collaboratively, influencing and changing the future for perioperative professionals.’  Lindsay Keeley

Lindsay Keeley, RGN, BSc (Hons) Degree in Professional Nursing studies, currently Patient Safety and Quality Lead for the Association of Perioperative Practice (AfPP).

Lindsay is part of the AfPP HQ team, as Patient Safety & Quality Lead supporting members with guidance on best practice and professional advice, particularly around patient safety and quality. As part of her role, she holds an honorary contract working in practice at Harrogate District Hospital.

Previous AfPP roles include Northern & Yorkshire Team Leader, Ophthalmic Sig Lead, Link Member & Member of the Governance Committee. Lindsay was also RCN Learning Representative and Chair of the RCN West Yorkshire Branch.

Lindsay`s previous job was Team Leader/Surgical First Assistant with extended skills and Practice Educator for Theatres at Spire Hospital, Leeds. A Registered Nurse with over 30 years’ experience, she has spent most of her career in perioperative practice, across both the NHS and Independent sector working in several specialities including ENT and Ophthalmics.

Lindsay began her career with the NHS qualifying in 1981 and has since achieved ENB 998, D32/33, NAASP ASP/Extended skills 2005, Theory & Practice of Ophthalmic Nursing and Foundations of Ophthalmic Nursing 2005. In 2009, she completed a BSc (Hons) Degree in Professional Nursing Studies at Huddersfield University.

Lindsay has been actively involved in organising and supporting educational events, attending universities, supporting students and recruiting AfPP members. As an active member of AfPP for over 22 years; the association has guided her so that she can support and educate perioperative practitioners, enabling them to deliver safe and effective care that is sustainable, and evidence based.

Professional development is something that Lindsay is incredibly passionate about and she feels privileged to hold her current position within AfPP.


About the Speaker
Lindsay keeley
  • Profession
    Patient safety & Quality Lead
  • Company
    The Association of Perioperative Practice (AfPP)