About Us


Knowlex, shorthand for ‘Knowledge Exchange’, has been set up with the ambition of disseminating information on research and innovative practice to help healthcare professionals in their working lives. The NHS is at a crossroads, with an unprecedented constraint on resources and seemingly continual growth in demand. Our objective is to help all organisations involved in health – acute trusts, CCGs, and local authorities – to become more efficient and effective in delivering better outcomes for the public.

It might seem like a cliché, but one of the best ways for professionals to improve their business is to learn from their peers in other organisations. No one acute trust, CCG or local authority has a monopoly on great ideas so the ability to come together and discuss things face to face, even in our digital age, is still very powerful. Therefore the centerpiece of Knowlex’s efforts is national conferences, where professionals can meet and discuss the challenges they are facing, along with exchanging the knowledge that can help them to make improvements.

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